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Virtues Matter

Virtues Matter

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Moral Courage: The Unsung Virtue for Our Times

In every culture, courage has been a celebrated virtue. This exploration delves into moral courage, highlighting its significance and distinguishing it from physical and psychological courage. Understanding these concepts is crucial for UPSC aspirants to grasp the essence of ethical decision-making and leadership.

Philosophical Perspectives

  1. Plato: Views courage as a noble part of the soul, essential for guiding instincts by reason.

  2. Aristotle: Defines courage as the balance between fear and recklessness, emphasizing perseverance.

  3. Aquinas: considers courage a strength of the soul rather than physical might.

Psychological Understanding

Distinguishes between physical courage (facing death and pain) and psychological courage (facing fear of psychological instability).

Types of Courage

  1. Physical Courage: Overcoming fear of death or harm for a noble cause, celebrated in epics and bravery awards.

  2. Moral Courage: Principle-driven, involves facing mental challenges that could impact one's reputation, emotional well-being, and more.

  3. Psychological Courage: Relates to overcoming the fear of losing psychological stability, such as dealing with addiction or trauma.

Understanding Moral Courage

It is defined as the capacity to overcome fear of shame to stand up for what is right, based on core moral values like honesty, fairness, and compassion.

Moral courage is not just a historical or philosophical concept; it's a pressing necessity. It encourages us to stand firm on our convictions, even in the face of personal loss or societal disapproval. For UPSC aspirants, understanding and embodying moral courage is critical to navigating the complex ethical landscape of public service, ensuring integrity and principled leadership.



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