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students say


Cleared the prelims. Thanks for the motivation through your tweets and posts, it’s helped stay focused and grounded during this long journey. Hoping to give my best for mains as well. Thanks again sir!



Found a lot of meaningful materials and informations. Havingyou in my short existence in this beautiful world is a kind of blissful one. Will always stay in touch sir.

4:36 PM     ●     04/04/19     ●     Twitter for Android

Abhinav Jain


In my personal journey with Pathi sir, I have found him to be someone who deeply cares about his students, or rather his kids as he would say. This deep sense of relationship is what connects him to each of the 350 in his class. He is truly the cover story of new education today.

8:44 PM     ●     20/04/19     ●     Twitter for Android



WhatsApp in the classroom is crazy and yes, we never imagined it could be so much fun and interesting for a person like me who hesitates interacting in a crowd. I believe in a way it is a platform for introverts where they actively participate in classroom discussions. Thank you, sir.

4:36 PM     ●     04/04/19     ●     Twitter for Android



@kmpathi need to mention sir. Attended his Ethics classes before my mains at SIA. The way he planned his classes were just amazing. My score improved from 62 to 111. That’s an improvement of 49 marks. Helped me to get AIR 23. Keep on the work, sir. Inspire more students.

4:36 PM     ●     04/04/19     ●     Twitter for Android



During my AFSB at Dehradun, I made a PPDT (story) based on your teaching and techniques used in case studies. I was elected as Captain of the group and got appreciation from Air Force Commanders too. All credit goes to you! Huge respect, sir. 🙏 @kmpathi

8:44 PM     ●     20/04/19     ●     Twitter for Android

Krishna Kumar


Hi sir 😊, this is about the 101 Course. I never thought I could grasp these many ethical concepts in 4 classes. You are amazing, everything you explained was top notch. You are the best, sir. Thanks for all the time and effort you spent in guiding us! 😊

4:36 PM     ●     04/04/19     ●     Twitter for Android

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