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Introduction to GSIV Ethics

Introduction to GSIV Ethics

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Probity in Governance: UPSC Ethics Syllabus Essentials

Understanding probity in governance is indispensable for UPSC aspirants. This theme delves into the philosophical basis of governance and probity, emphasizing the need for transparency and integrity in government operations. Key to this is the Right to Information (RTI), empowering citizens to hold officials accountable and ensuring open access to information.

Adherence to robust codes of ethics and conduct is crucial for setting high standards of professionalism and trustworthiness in the governance framework. The initiative of citizens' charters and the focus on work culture aim to improve the quality of service delivery and ensure efficient utilization of public funds, addressing the pivotal concern of corruption in governance. 

What to Study

  1. Meaning & Purpose of Public Service 

  2. What is probity? What mechanisms are used for ensuring probity in governance?

  3. Role of Codes, Transparency Mechanisms and Civil Society in curtailing corruption

Stay ahead in your UPSC preparation with our insights into ethics. Join us on Ethics 101 for a more in-depth understanding of GS IV themes and topics.  

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Ethics 101. 
Big Ideas, Simplified.

Seva, a Human & Public Service Value 1

Seva, a Human & Public Service Value 2

Seva, a Human & Public Service Value 3

Seva, a Human & Public Service Value 4

Seva, a Human & Public Service Value 5

Seva, a Human & Public Service Value 6

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