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Decoding Case Studies

Decoding Case Studies

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Mastering Ethical Decision Making: Key Approaches for GS IV Case Studies

Understanding ethical decision-making is paramount in UPSC preparation, particularly for the GS IV paper. This video breaks down how to navigate ethical dilemmas, focusing on the prescriptive approach, which is crucial for acing case studies.

Introduction to Ethical Decision-Making

At the core of GS IV case studies, ethical decision-making tests your ability to choose the RIGHT action.

Two main thought processes are prescriptive and descriptive approaches

Prescriptive Approach to Ethical Decision-Making

Draws from ethical theories in philosophy.

Provides decision-making tools for ethical choices.

It aims to guide individuals towards making ethically sound decisions.

Major Ethical Approaches

  1. Consequentialist Theories (Focus on Consequences)

  2. Assess decisions based on their outcomes.

  3. Utilitarianism is a key example, emphasizing maximizing societal benefits and minimizing harms.

  4. Deontological Theories (Focus on Duties, Obligations, and Principles)

  5. Centres on ethical duties and universal moral principles.

  6. Decisions are based on values like honesty, fairness, and respect, regardless of the consequences.

  7. Virtue Ethics (Focus on Integrity)

  8. Prioritizes the moral character of the individual.

  9. It encourages being a good person and developing moral virtues.

Ethical decision-making in UPSC exams, especially in GS IV, is not just about solving a case study; it's about demonstrating a nuanced understanding of ethical principles and applying them to real-world scenarios. By learning and applying these approaches, UPSC aspirants can navigate ethical dilemmas effectively and make decisions that are not only right but also reflect a deep moral understanding.

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